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  • EVENT: Art and Sip for the Soul–CANCELLED


    Explore your creativity with this exclusive and expressive Art and Sip, designed with YOU in mind! Do you want to meet other black women around your age that you can truly connect with? Do you want to inspire your creative side, challenge yourself to be more vulnerable, and finally feel seen, heard, and understood by others in your community? Are you ready to pick up a paintbrush or clay, listen to good music, and create something from scratch that captures a moment in time?  If so, please join this intimate gathering of up to 12 women for a self-care inspired Art and Sip. led by licensed psychotherapist, and Lenity founder, Kelli Randon.  

    The activity will be centered around creating your own mask. The mask has been used by African cultures for centuries, as part of sacred ceremonies. In this activity, you will create a mask that explores your sacred identity–who you are on the outside (what people see), as well as who you are on the inside (what people don’t see). You will be given some direction, but also allowed to create with few boundaries. After creating, we will converse together about the process and what we’ve created. You are free to share as much or as little as you want with the group, without pressure.  

    $75 ticket price includes: at least 2 glasses of wine, other non-alcoholic beverages, masks, and all art supplies.  

    For any questions, please contact Kelli via this site’s contact form or email.