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    A Few of our Specialities:  

    Expressive Art and Creative Therapy

    Faith and Spiritual Struggles

    Trauma Therapy

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    Kelli Randon, LPC

    I am cis-gender, biracial woman, raised by my black family. As a singer and writer myself, I’m a firm believer that what is difficult to say in words, can often be expressed through the arts and music. There is so much healing in being creative! So, I enjoy incorporating the arts and music into therapy when I can.  I’m also extremely passionate about helping people who may be going through spiritual changes, or those who’ve been hurt by religion. At times, and if necessary, I can incorporate therapies such as EMDR into my practice to help people heal from past trauma. I like to meet people where they’re at, and sit alongside them on their journey, rather than push them in any sort of direction. I’m also affirming of all sexualities and genders, and enjoy working with the LGBTQ community. My ideal clients are people of color, creative, and those ready for healing and change.

    Ebonie Brown, LMSW

    As a licensed therapist for the past 12 years, I’ve learned how much we are connected through our trauma and life experiences. I especially enjoy working with women aged 17-30 years of age who are experiencing some type of life transition. Whether it’s school, marriage, complicated family structures, divorce, low self esteem or parenthood-you are not alone. I grew up in the Midwest and I am an HBCU graduate. I incorporate techniques such as guided visualization, CBT, and expressive arts therapy as appropriate. I look forward to further serving our community to bring healing and propel us all into a brighter future.