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  • “I Am Enough” – Processing Trauma and Healing your Thoughts

    Did you know that going through something traumatic can change how you view the world…and even how you view yourself?  Yes, trauma can impact how you see your own worth and value.  Thoughts like “I am not good enough, I’m a failure, I will never succeed, I am alone” can be thoughts/pathways in your brain that are formed at the moment of a traumatic experience.  

    For instance, if you experienced abuse in a relationship, your thought pattern might be “I am not worthy of love”.  Unlike conscious thoughts, these trauma-induced thoughts can be deep-rooted and subconscious.  Much like the roots of a tree, they can be hidden beyond the surface, and yet permeate throughout all of the branches of your life. Such thoughts can affect your work, your relationships, and the choices you make…often without you even realizing it.

    But here’s the beautiful thing….the tree’s roots can be healed.  Trauma is not a death sentence, it can be uprooted, processed, and ultimately changed.  You can create new pathways in your brain: new thoughts that permeate throughout your life and create a healthier you.  For instance, the thought “I am not worthy of love” can literally be processed and changed into the thought “I am worthy of love”.  And the difference will be found in the decisions you make, and you beginning to thrive.  

    Here at Lenity, we take the time to gently, and compassionately expose these hidden thoughts and help you heal them.  We use EMDR, and other tools to help your brain form new pathways.  

    Healing is possible, and healing can be yours.  You don’t have to live with traumatic, pain-induced negative thoughts anymore.  You can work towards a new way to live and start believing in yourself again, or maybe for the first time ever.  The bottom line is, you are worth it, and yes…you are enough.