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    Trauma Therapy & EMDR

    Most people will experience some form of trauma in their lifetime, whether it’s a car accident or being bullied at school. For BIPOC in particular, generational and racial trauma happens frequently, and often gets ignored or pushed aside. We usually do not realize the repercussions such traumas can have on our day-to-day lives and our emotional well-being. Here at Lenity, we learn to show love to ourselves, by acknowledging ANY trauma, and gently working through it. Currently, our mode of treating trauma is primarily through EMDR and expressive arts (see link for more info: We will also be happy to discuss EMDR therapy with you if you have any questions.

    In these circumstances, the support, guidance, and assistance of a therapist trained in the treatment of trauma is fundamental to healing.

    Trauma Symptoms

    A lot of times trauma symptoms can look a lot like depression or anxiety symptoms.  According to the four types of symptoms listed in the DSM-5

    Avoidance Symptoms

    • Avoiding specific locations, sights, situations, and sounds that serve as reminders of the event
    • Anxiety, depression, numbness, or guilt

    Re-experiencing Symptoms

    • Intrusive thoughts, nightmares, or flashbacks

    Hyperarousal Symptoms

    • Anger, irritability, and hypervigilance
    • Aggressive, reckless behavior, including self-harm
    • Sleep disturbances

    Negative Mood and Cognition Symptoms

    • Loss of interest in activities that were once considered enjoyable
    • Difficulty remembering details of the distressing event
    • Change in habits or behavior since the trauma